Additional Fundraising Activities

Below is a list of activities that you can do to increase your fundraising total.

  1. Game Tournament – Have players pay an entry fee to compete in a tournament for a donated prize.  Groups can easily raise funds within a very narrow timeframe.  The game can be anything from one-on-one basketball to Scrabble.  Ask a business you frequent to donate the prize.  Invite friends and family to participate and encourage them to bring people.  Download free tournament bracket sheets from and let the games begin.
  2. Cocktail Party or Coffee Reception.  – Have guests pay a fee to attend a cocktail (nonalcoholic) party held in your home.  Charge an entry fee and keep a donation jar out in which people could drop money during the event.
  3. Have a bake sale at your office – This has been a very successful way of teams raising dollars for their team. Not only are people helping you out, they are also getting a yummy treat!
  4. Car Wash Day – This is an opportunity to raise some bigger bucks.  Promote the car wash at your office and let your family and friends know about it as well.
  5. Garage Sale – Clean out your garage and help support your team and People Helping People. Mention in the ad and flyers that the proceeds will go to People Helping People for the Wine Country Bike Trek.